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Protect Your Products: 3 Reasons To Opt For An Aluminum Seal When Dealing With Pharmaceuticals

by Luke Lawson

Induction lining relies on an aluminum seal. Several aluminum foil layer liners, along with other liners, are inserted over the opening of a bottle, and is passed through an induction coil that emits an oscillating electromagnetic field, and heats up due to Eddy currents. The heat does not harm the pharmaceuticals contained within the bottle, and helps to create an airtight bond with the aluminum seal. The entire process can be completed with a handheld unit or with a conveyer system. Although gong as far as to apply an aluminum seal onto pharmaceuticals may seem extravagant, here are 3 reasons why aluminum sealing is absolutely necessary.

Prevent Unauthorized Access with Tamper Evident Technology

Under Section 450.500 of the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration, certain over-the-counter products and human drug products must have seals with tamper evident technology. These packages must have an indicator, which makes any tampering evident. This means that the seal cannot be reapplied once it has been broken. Tamper evident technology is able to prevent unauthorized access, so that you and your customers can easily tell if anything has been tinkered with during shipping or during storage. 

Although there are many different ways that your company can go about doing this, aluminum sealing your products is perhaps the most cost efficient and effective solution, and is also the most highly recommended solution by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration. Induction sealing is capable of both meeting and exceeding government regulations that have been established. 

Protect the Product and Prevent Leakages 

It is easier to administer liquid medicine to children than tablets; however, liquid medicines are susceptible to leakages. Aluminum sealing is highly popular among many pharmacies because it is able to adequately prevent leakages. Some tests that have been previously performed on induction seals have indicated that less than 0.001% of packages with induction seals have been sealed improperly. This greatly reduces the chances of leakages. 

Induction sealing is perfect for those who may be shipping their products, as the shipping process can be quite rigorous and difficult on the packaging. If the bottles are to leak during the shipping process, you are at risk of damaging the whole shipment. Induction sealing is able to deliver the sealing power needed at high speeds.

Extend the Shelf Life of the Pharmaceuticals

Last but not least, induction sealing with aluminum seals will offer an airtight seal that creates an enclosed environment, so that the pharmaceuticals will not become contaminated by the external environment that they are contained in. By opting for induction sealing with aluminum seals, you can extend the shelf life of the pharmaceuticals and prevent them from spoiling prematurely or becoming contaminated. That can increase customer satisfaction, and increase the quality of your products, so that the chemicals stay effective for longer periods of time. 

On top of increasing the shelf life of the pharmaceuticals, induction sealing is also able to retain the aroma and flavor of the pharmaceuticals. This is particularly important for liquid medicine that is designed just for children, as it makes the medicine a lot more appetizing. 


Induction sealing is a highly favorable solution for packaging. It is becoming more and more popular than other alternatives, such as conductive sealing, which has been known to delay production time since the equipment takes a while to warm up. Induction sealing is much more effective due to the fact that the electromagnetic field runs vertically as well as horizontally. The equipment requires very little maintenance and offers high productivity. The equipment for induction sealing is also very easy to operate making it one of the more favorable options available. If you are interested in switching to inductive sealing to protect your pharmaceuticals, then contact a company like Phoenix Specialty.