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4 Benefits Of Investing In Industrial Storage Trailers

by Luke Lawson

The way you organize and maintain your production environment directly influences worker safety and productivity. You can make the most of your space by investing in exterior storage options for materials, equipment and products created on each line. In addition to minimizing clutter around your production floor, outdoor storage trailers are one of the best options due to their ability to keep your items protected from the elements and theft. Furthermore, you can place the storage trailers anywhere on your grounds and move them around as needed. You can even stack the containers or align them side by side to maximize your storage space. Read this article to learn more. 

Keeps Shop Floor Clear

Cluttered areas increase the risk of falls and other injuries happening on the job. Bins full of raw materials, crates of finished product components or unused equipment can drastically reduce the floor space in your production environment.

Furthermore, passageways and aisles throughout the workspace must remain free of all obstructions to remain in compliance with regulations assigned by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. Even without report of an injury complicating the matter, violations recorded by OSHA often result in fines totaling tens of thousands of dollars. With trailer storage options, you can protect your employees from risky hazards and keep your company fine free.

Allows For Phased Processes

If your production environment requires the creation of several parts before assembly of the final product, you may have your workers switch tasks repeatedly throughout the day. If you want your workers to meet their given production metrics with ease, you might want to rethink enforcing rapid task switching.

As employees switch between tasks, their minds and bodies take a moment to catch up, resulting in an overall loss in productivity. Instead, each day, you can assign workers to full production runs and store the created components in the trailers for the next step in the process. The ability to work in phases will increase your factory's productivity and possibly even prevent premature employee burnout from rapid task switching.

Protects Material Integrity

Fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels can wreak havoc on the condition of your raw materials, production components and heavy equipment. Items made from metal, in particular, often respond negatively to rapid changes in temperature or high moisture content in the air.

The steel storage containers help insulate sensitive materials against the elements to keep all of your stored items in great shape. You can have moisture and temperature control systems hooked to the storage trailers to maintain stable levels that suit each type of material stored inside.

Prevents Theft Attempts

Keeping high cost materials and equipment on the production floor can leave your valuables at risk of theft from criminals on the prowl. The doors and windows throughout your building are easily breached by knowledgeable thieves skilled in residential and commercial break ins.

By placing your valuable materials and equipment in a secured storage trailer, you keep the items out of sight and out of mind. Furthermore, thieves cannot easily open up the containers using common breakin tools, such as crowbars and bolt cutters. You can have your storage trailers equipped with an audible, monitored alarm system to further increase the safety of your tools, materials and products.

Selecting Your Trailers

When you go to order your trailers, consider your lot size and placement options before making the call. You can have a professional come out and evaluate your available space if you need assistance in determining the right trailer size to order. Also, take the size of your equipment, materials and products in mind when selecting the best storage trailer for your needs. You will need to account for the specially designed racks and shelves you need to keep your items organized and easily accessible. Once you determine the best storage size and location for your company, simply make the order and wait for the delivery agents to place the trailers in the specified spots.