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Five Unexpected Uses For Pallet Racking

by Luke Lawson

Pallet racking is a traditional method of storing products in warehouses or storerooms. The name comes from the size of these racks, which are large enough to hold an entire wooden pallet full of goods, without having to break the pallet up. These metal storage racks can be disassembled and put up again wherever they are needed. Such racking is also less expensive than permanent shelves, can be configured to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes, and is extremely durable. However, storing inventory is not the only way these shelving units can be used. Pallet racking can solve a variety of storage problems, both for businesses and consumers.    

Unexpected uses for pallet racking

1. Record storage. If you have a small business or need a place to store your household records, a pallet rack is just the right size to hold sturdy bankers' boxes full of paperwork. Using these racks makes your records accessible while keeping them off of the basement floor where moisture and dampness can quickly compromise them. These racks also work well inside of storage units.

2. As custom bunk beds. Since these racks are designed to hold thousands of pounds of inventory, they can be adapted to use as bunk beds to give your kids an affordable, customized industrial look for their bedroom.

3. For your direct sales inventory. More than 15 million Americans work for direct sales companies, selling everything from make-up to gourmet food to candles. Pallet racks can provide a unique, customized way to store that home inventory without cluttering up your home with boxes.

4. As a winter growing center. If you live in the northeast or the midwestern United States, you know that extending the summer growing season by even a few weeks can mean the difference between a bountiful harvest and vegetables that freeze just before they mature. A pallet rack can be used to create a basement growing center. Position the rack beneath a grow light. You can adjust the distance to the light by raising and lowering the rack as the seedlings grow. The bottom shelves can be used to store pots, fertilizer, and other gardening supplies.

While pallet racking is a good choice for storing inventory in business storerooms and warehouses, this type of shelving can also be used for dry, easy-to-use record storage, to keep your direct sales inventory organized and to even create bunk beds. 

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