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Three Guidelines For Contractor Equipment Rentals

by Luke Lawson

When you're looking to get the most from your construction projects, it pays to get the equipment that'll help you out the most. One of the best investments that you can make on any construction site or project is to get your hands on some rentals. Whether you need a new skid loader, forklift, crane or bulldozer, give yourself the chance to receive help from a rental company that can look out for you. Use the tips below so that you are in a great position to handle your equipment rentals on your terms:

#1: Know why equipment rental is so beneficial

You'll get more out of your project when you choose to rent your construction equipment instead of always purchase or lease it. One benefit of renting is that you'll pay less money overall and won't have to worry about the investment that comes with general maintenance and repair. You'll be able to keep your budget protected from the fluctuations in the marketplace as well, while always having access to some of the newest and best pieces of construction technology. Regardless of what sort of construction equipment you need, you'll get it when you touch base with several different rental companies that can help you out. 

#2: Learn the logistics and contract

If you are planning to rent a piece of construction equipment, you'll need to read through the contract and know the terms. For instance, you'll need to take advantage of the reservations far enough in advance to book your equipment for the dates that you need it. You'll typically be responsible for paying a security deposit of some sort, while also making sure that you have the licensed and permits to operate the equipment on your property. The more you know about these factors, the more control you have over the rental itself. 

#3: Shop for a great price for your construction equipment rental

Finally, be sure that you do all you can to get a great price for your construction equipment rental. Get as many price estimates as possible, until you feel comfortable with how much you will be paying out of pocket. For example, a scissor lift will typically cost you approximately $100 per day or upwards of approximately $300 per week. Pattern your rental agreement to your needs so that you are in good hands. 

Follow these strategies so that you're in good hands with your construction equipment rental. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.