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Tungsten Storage Options That Are Convenient And Prevent Contamination

by Luke Lawson

After you have received tungsten from your supplier, you will need to determine how you will make sure that the tungsten isn't damaged and is ready to be put to use by using the right storage method. Another benefit of having a portable container for tungsten is that you can have several pre-sharpened sticks to allow you to continue welding without needing to stop and sharpen. For instance, a plastic tube can easily be kept in your shirt pocket.

The Original Box

Tungsten is used for manufacturing TIG electrodes. Because of the hardness and high temperature resistance of the material, welders can carry a welding current to an arc. They can come in various sizes, shapes and lengths. They are made with pure tungsten or a mixture of tungsten and others are earth elements. The box that your tungsten comes in might be enough to keep them clean. Make sure that the container will at least not leave the tungsten exposed. 

An Airtight Container

One convenient place to put your tungsten is in a watertight and airtight container. This will reduce the risk that the tungsten will become contaminated. You could place the sealed container inside a tackle box, which can be used to hold other items such as gas lens and collets. However, when carrying your tungsten, you will need a different container. 

A Portable Container

Be careful with where you store your tungsten. Any metals that your tungsten might come in contact with can contaminate it. Ideally, the container should have some rubber at the ends to protect the tungsten from dulling. However, you could use a copper tube as long as it comes with a propess cap with an O-ring to create a tight seal. Another cheap alternative for carrying around tungsten is to purchase a PVC pipe and glue a cap on one end.

When to Not Worry About Contamination

Contamination may not be as much of a concern depending on how you will use the tungsten. For instance, when using tungsten in welding, any contamination will burn off while using it. However, some welding jobs need to be more sanitary. 

A more common reason for tungsten contamination is when the tungsten touches the weld pool. You can avoid this by holding the torch farther away from the workpiece. Also, if you do not have adequate gas flow, this can lead to tungsten contamination and discoloration.

For more information, contact a tungsten supplier.