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3 Outward Signs Your Industrial Site's Septic Tank Is Cracked

by Luke Lawson

If your industrial site depends on a septic system to handle its waste, you may start to suspect that the tank may have sustained damage. If so, look for the following outward signs that your septic tank has a crack in it and is leaking sewage in the ground around it.

Horrible Odor Permeates the Area above the Tank

One of the first signs that may alert you to a problem with your septic tank is the presence of a horrible smell in the vicinity of it. If the crack in the tank is fairly new, you may only detect the faint odor of raw sewage.

However, if the tank is cracked and has been leaking for a while, you will probably not be able to stand in the area for too long without gagging. If you detect the strong smell of sewage, the liquid waste from the tank has probably already saturated the soil surrounding the tank.

Grassy Area above the Tank Is Lush and Green

If you do notice the overwhelming stench of sewage, look at the grass growing above the tank. Because of the additional moisture and waste material as fertilizer, the grass will appear more lush and green than any of the other grass.

Or, if the area above the septic tank normally does not have grass growing on it, you may see light green sprigs of grass. If any seeds were buried within the dirt, the leaking waste probably accelerated its growth, producing a single patch of new grass above the tank.

Standing Water on the Leach Field

After discovering the ground above the tank has either new grass or lusher growth than normal, you can find out just how bad the crack in your septic tank is leaking by inspecting the leach field. This field normally filters and pulls away excess liquid from the septic system to keep it the wastewater from overloading the system.

However, if the tank is leaking, there will be too much liquid for the field to handle. As a result, you may see standing water in the leach field. If this is the case, the tank is leaking profusely and needs to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further contamination of the soil and groundwater.

If you notice any of the above signs, the septic tank for your industrial site likely has a crack in it and is leaking waste into the ground above it. If so, contact a company that offers industrial septic tank repairs to have them send someone to inspect the tank and discuss your options for repairing the damage. To learn more, visit a website like