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Signs Your Pool Pump Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced

by Luke Lawson

A pool pump sees a lot of wear and tear over its life. It spends hours in the hot sun and works tirelessly to keep the water filtered and clean. A pool pump can last a long time, but sooner or later repairs may be needed. Eventually, a new pump needs to be installed. Here are some signs it may be time to buy a new pool pump.

The Filtration System Isn't Working As Well

The first indication you may have of a bad pool pump is when you see debris in the water or when the water takes on a cloudy appearance. The pump moves water through the skimmer and filtration system so debris and bugs are pulled out and clean water is circulated back into the pool. If the pump isn't working as well or as efficiently, the filtration system may suffer. You won't want to swim in a dirty pool, so have the pump inspected and replaced if necessary.

The Pump Makes Odd Noises

The pool pump is driven by a motor and like any motor, it can fail or develop worn parts. If the bearings go bad, you might hear a screeching sound. The motor might also hum or click. Some parts can be replaced when they're worn. For instance, the pool service may replace the bearings or a capacitor. However, when the motor's electrical system is bad, you may need to buy a new pump.

The Pressure Gauge Reading Is Low

A pool pump has a pressure gauge mounted on it that shows the pressure of water flowing through the system. If the reading is suddenly lower than usual, it could indicate a problem with the pump. However, it could also indicate a problem with the filter in your pool. Remove and wash the filter, or backwash it to clean it. Then, check the pressure again. If the pressure falls right away, then you'll want to call a repair service to take a look at the pump. Low pressure could indicate a problem with the motor which means it might need to be replaced.

The Housing Is Damaged

If the pool pump housing is obviously damaged or cracked, then you may need to buy a new pump. Sometimes, gaskets in the housing can be replaced and cracks can be filled with epoxy. However, major damage from sun exposure or large cracking is cause for concern. This type of damage often results after years of sun exposure. If that's the case, then the pump is probably old and near the end of its life anyway. Replacing the entire pump could be the best way to deal with a damaged pump housing.

A properly working pump is vital to the appearance of the water in your pool and its quality. When you suspect your pump is malfunctioning or when it stops working completely, call for professional help from a company like Speck Pumps so your pool water stays clean and safe for your family.