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Unique Ways Your Company Can Use Barcodes

by Luke Lawson

Barcodes are a technology that allows for information to be stored on an object and transmitted to a device quickly. Typically, bar codes are used for store products. However, they can be used for a range of other purposes.

Tracking Visitors

When you are issuing IDs for a specific event, hiring someone to check IDs can be inefficient. Also, you have to worry about fake IDs. With a barcode, an ID can be rapidly scanned, and you can verify the validity of the ID, improving efficiency. Then, you can maximize the security of your event.

Scaling Up Information

Barcodes are very scalable. When you discover that you need more data, you may add more barcodes or make your barcodes more complex. For example, if you would like to track how long a product has been on the shelf, you may decide to add this to your database.

Storing Equipment Information

If you own equipment and must record information about your equipment, you should consider using barcodes. These can be attached to equipment and can then be scanned to reveal important information such as the last time you had your equipment serviced. You could maintain much more extensive information with a barcode and database system than you could by recording information remotely.

Promotions and Advertising

Because customers can use barcodes with a mobile device, another use of barcodes is advertising. By placing a barcode or QR code on a product, customers can scan the code and immediately be directed to a website that will provide them with special deals.

Creative Personal Uses

A barcode could even serve a personal use. For instance, if you would like to provide more contact information for someone who finds your dog, you could turn your contact information into a QR code that you could add to your dog's collar. QR codes can be scanned by anyone who owns a cell phone.

Because barcodes can have personal benefits, your company should be open-minded with how it implements barcodes. For example, if you manufacture dog tags, you may not only wish to provide barcodes as stickers attached to the packaging, but you may choose to implement barcodes as an added feature that a customer can use.

Because of the usefulness of barcodes, you should consider purchasing industrial barcode label printers. This is all you need to implement barcodes for your events and use them for your organization.