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Told To Purchase Carbide Inserts For Your Company? 3 Different Types Of Inserts You Can Choose From

by Luke Lawson

Carbide inserts are also known as carbide cutting inserts. These inserts are used to cut edges used in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines and lathes. Manufacturing and industrial companies generally use these inserts. If you are have been told by your company to purchase some carbide inserts and you don't know much about them, below is information about three types you will find. You can then choose what will work best for what you are using the carbide inserts for.

Drilling and Boring Carbide Inserts

If you need to create large holes in a material, you need to use drilling and boring carbide inserts to do this. The insert is shaped like a spade that is sharp and can easily drill or bore through just about any product. The spades come in a variety of sizes so you can make holes that are in different sizes. 

Once you set the drilling and boring carbide inserts, each hole you make will be exactly the same size wherever it is placed on the material. This will help the products you make look more professional, and your customers will be more happy with them. Your customers will keep coming back to you and may tell other people about your business.

Grooving Carbide Inserts

If you need to cut canals into different materials then a grooving carbide insert is what you need. These canals are generally used for products you have that need to be decorative. For example, you can put grooves in different shapes and sizes on the product to make them look better. 

You can also use canals on mechanical products. For example, if you build car parts you may need to put some canal grooves in some of the parts, such as putting screws in for connections or grooves in to fit fasteners. This will ensure the part will be secure once installed in the car. 

Threading Carbide Inserts

If you need to put in thread screws or other fasteners, threading carbide inserts should be used. This type of insert is shaped like a spiral so when you insert the screw, it will fit into the grooves perfectly. 

You can find threading carbide inserts that will make a variety of hole sizes in both depth and diameter, so you can make just about any screw size. This will allow you to make more products for your customers.

Contact a company like Olson Carbide for more information about carbide inserts. Talk with a salesperson about these carbide inserts for more details. This person can also tell you of other carbide inserts that are available to purchase.