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Increase Profits Through Tank Monitoring

by Luke Lawson

There are many factors that can affect the profitability of your fuel delivery business. Some of these factors, like weather and regulatory costs, might be out of your control. You can choose to focus your efforts on improving profits by controlling the variability in deliveries.

Tank monitoring allows you to keep tabs on your customers and their fuel usage to help improve your customer service in the future. Tank monitoring solutions benefit both your customer and your company by helping you increase profits.

Reduce Stop Frequency

If you aren't monitoring fuel levels in customer tanks, it can be challenging to know when you should send out a delivery of more fuel to each location. Tank monitoring allows you to access hard data regarding fuel usage and expected demand.

You can use this information to reduce stop frequency and eliminate small deliveries altogether. Your trucks will be on the road less, which reduces fleet costs. Reducing stop frequency can help you eliminate overhead expenses that cut into your company's profits.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service plays an integral role in your company's profitability. Happy customers are more likely to continue getting their fuel through your company.

Tank monitoring lets you be more responsive to the needs of your customers. You can accurately identify customers who are running low on fuel before they experience an outage that could result in frozen pipes or inoperable machinery.

Tank monitoring will allow you to evaluate each customer's fuel supply in the face of a large storm or other weather event so that you can ensure an adequate supply of fuel is available. The attention to detail a tank monitoring system offers will help you improve your customer service, which can translate into increased profits over time.

Eliminate After-Hours Deliveries

Fuel emergencies can be costly for both your company and its customers. An after-hours fuel delivery requires the use of a truck and a qualified driver. The driver will likely be getting paid overtime, and the truck will be using expensive resources for a single delivery.

A tank monitoring system can alert you when each client's fuel supply drops below a certain level so that you can schedule a delivery during business hours. Eliminating after-hours deliveries can significantly improve your company's profitability in the future.

Invest in a tank monitoring system if you are looking for a simple and easy way to help you provide better service and increase your profits.