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A Plastic Bucket Preservation Technique

by Luke Lawson

If you enjoy puttering around your home or yard and often complete grouting, painting, or masonry projects that require that two or more ingredients are combined, then the containers that you mix the products in may be prone to staining or you may have difficulty removing sticky or thick substances from the inside of each pail that the contents are stored in. Try investing in a new set of buckets that can be utilized for all of your projects and use a technique that will assist with minimizing cleanup and preserving wet products.

Use Lids And Some Cleaning Supplies For Washable Items

If you are going to be using one of the buckets for household cleaning projects and the only items that will be added to the buckets are things like water or a household detergent, it won't be difficult to clean the inside of each container, so no additional preparations will be needed. Add the cleaning mixture as you normally would and use a lid to secure the contents in the pails. This will assist in the event that one or more of the buckets tip over. Dump dirty water or the cleaning solution that is left over and use a towel to dry the inside of each container.

Add A Trash Can Liner For Messy Or Extensive Projects

When working with grout, concrete mix, mortar, or any other substance that is prone to hardening and that could be difficult to clean from the inside of each bucket, use a trash can liner to protect the inside of each container. The liners will work in two ways. First, they will protect the plastic during messy jobs. Second, they will provide you with a handy way to store or dispose of wet mixtures. For instance, if you are completing a brickwork repair job, yet won't be able to finish it in one session, leave the mortar mixture inside of the bucket.

Simply tie the ends of the trash can liner to prevent the mixture from drying out. When you are ready to finish the repair work, open the bag that contains the mixture and continue where you left off. If there is any of the mortar mixture left over, secure the trash can liner's flaps and toss the entire bag into a waste receptacle. Since the plastic buckets weren't exposed to messy ingredients, the containers will be ready for usage for any subsequent projects that you have planned.

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