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Advice For Choosing The Perfect Food Platter

by Luke Lawson

If you have a lot of parties where you host and make a bunch of food, then a go-to resource you need is a food platter. It can hold whatever you plan on serving at the festivity in an elegant way. If you're looking to buy another for your collection, this advice can make the decision much easier.

Pick an Appropriate Material

A feature that makes a pretty big impact right away when serving food on a platter is the material the platter is made of. The material you go with is a personal choice.

For example, if you want a long-lasting food platter material, a decorative stainless steel platter is a solid choice to make. Conversely, if you're only interested in saving money on this platter, a cheaper material like plastic would serve you best. Or, you may want a material like copper to replicate the aesthetics of gold.

Consider Individual Dividers

There may be a celebration that calls for multiple food types. For example, you may want to serve a platter of chips, crackers, and cheese. You'll have an easier time keep everything separated by going with a food platter that has individual dividers.

They give you the ability to place different food varieties in a particular place and they'll remain there. Such a design is especially helpful when serving different types of dips, such as salsa and bean dip. The dividers will keep everything nice and organized until the food is gone or ready to be thrown out.

Make Sure Handles Are Included

If you'll be putting a lot of food varieties on the platter, then it can weigh a lot. You thus have to be extra careful moving it to and from different surfaces. You can get a little extra help by going with a food platter that has handles on the side.

Instead of just hoping you don't lose grip, the handles will be easy to hold onto. You can move a large tray of food with ease thanks to these handles and prevent yourself from creating a huge mess. Some platter handles even have special grooves for additional group.

Food platters are a very important resource for moving and displaying food at special occasions. If you carefully look at different platter features, materials, and designs, then you can find the perfect one that you enjoy using any time you have a special occasion coming up.