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How A Diode Laser Can Benefit Your Industrial Business

by Luke Lawson

Do you work in an industrial field where you need to create heat to change or cut through a material? Today, more and more business owners in the welding, cutting, and heat processing fields are turning to diode lasers to help them get the job done. Here's why switching to high-power diode lasers yourself might be a good idea for your business and your bottom line.

Diode Lasers Are Incredibly Efficient and Can Save You Money in Energy Costs

Every piece of equipment in your warehouse or shop of course uses electricity (or battery power) to run. Efficient high-power diode lasers can output an incredible amount of heat or power without using that much wattage. In other words, if there are places in your production process where you can switch out a piece of equipment for a diode laser instead, you'll be able to output the same or greater amount of power without using as much in wattage or electricity. Outfit your entire operation with diode lasers and you'll soon start reaping the energy savings month after month. This means that your investment in diode lasers will eventually pay for itself over time, and then start padding your bottom line thanks to lower energy costs.

Diode Lasers Can Change Intensity or Heat Production on the Fly, Offering Flexibility for Your Production

A diode laser is capable of maintaining one specific amount of heat if you want it to, but it can also change on the fly, offering multiple different levels of heat production or intensity. This means you can add greater flexibility to your production schedule, all without having to swap out your equipment before the next run. Just tell your diode laser system what kind of materials are about to go through, and the system will set itself to the correct level.

Diode Lasers Require Little to No Maintenance

Diode lasers do degrade over time, but it is generally about tens of thousands of hours of operation before that will happen. In the meantime, a diode laser requires pretty much no maintenance in order to keep running. If you feel like your workers are constantly spending too much time proving maintenance or repair to your other welding equipment, a switch to diode lasers can save you money and time.

Diode Lasers Do the Same Thing Every Time

Diode lasers cut or heat with absolute precision. If you are still doing some of this work by hand, a switch to an automated laser will add more reliability to your final yields. Each finished batch will look largely the same, with fewer imperfections caused by operator or human error.

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