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3 Reasons To Switch To A Double-Wall Oil Tank

by Luke Lawson

If you rely on heating oil to maintain warm temperatures in your home, you know that you must have a storage tank on your property to house a large supply of heating oil. There are a lot of different tanks available on the market today, but one style that is quickly gaining in popularity is the double-wall tank.

These tanks feature a plastic interior storage tank that is surrounded by a steel or aluminum outer tank. If you are in the market for a new heating oil tank, consider the benefits that you will receive from a double-wall tank over time.

1. Durability

Investing in a new heating oil tank can be costly. You want to ensure the tank that you purchase will last as long as possible to make the investment worthwhile. Double-wall tanks are known for being extremely durable.

Since the heating oil itself is contained within the plastic inner tank, double-wall tanks usually experience very little corrosion. This reduction in corrosion allows the tank to maintain its structural integrity over a longer period of time. In fact, double-wall tanks are so durable that many manufacturers will usually offer a long-term warranty on these products. 

2. Small Footprint

The space-saving capabilities of double-wall tanks makes these types of heating oil storage devices extremely popular among modern homeowners.

Double-wall tanks can be manufactured with a taller height and smaller footprint than their single-wall counterparts. This means a double-wall tank can hold the same amount of heating oil without taking up as much space as other heating tanks.

Homeowners with small parcels of land can really benefit from the compact design of double-wall tanks.

3. Leak Protection

Heating oil storage tanks can become a source of major stress when they start to leak. Leaks create serious environmental problems that homeowners are responsible for rectifying. Leaks can also be costly, allowing the fuel you have purchased to be wasted.

Double-wall tanks offer superior leak protection. The inner plastic tank is strong enough to withstand exposure to many potential hazards. In the event that this inner tank is punctured in some way, the outer steel or aluminum tank will contain the leak.

Having a leak failsafe built into the design of your tank will allow you to better control your stored heating oil over time.

Double-wall tanks can give you the durability and design that you are looking for. A double-wall heating oil storage tank is a great investment in the future of your home. Contact a heating oil company to learn more about double-wall storage tanks.