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Advantages of Compression Molding for Rubber Parts Manufacturing

by Luke Lawson

When you work with a custom rubber parts manufacturing company, you'll have different molding services to choose from. One of the more popular options is compression molding. Read on to learn about a few benefits of compression molding.  

1. Very Straightforward Process

When you need to make a lot of rubber parts quickly and cost-effectively, you want a molding process that is easy to complete. Compression molding is one of the more straightforward processes that you could have a rubber parts manufacturer perform. It doesn't involve a lot of mechanisms or processes.

The rubber materials are placed into an open mold, which is then heated and compressed until the right shape and dimensions form. Since this process doesn't have a lot of complicated steps, it means there is less room for mistakes.

2. Easily Accept Ample Raw Materials

If you have a project that necessitates working with a lot of raw rubber materials as you are trying to make a large part, then you want to consider compression molding in particular. Since mold materials go inside an open mold that has a substantial maximum weight limit, you don't have limitations.

You'll still be able to create large rubber parts and not have to worry about the rubber molds or machinery getting damaged. You'll just need to figure out what the right weight totals are for the rubber parts you're trying to produce for a particular reason.

3. Amazing for Prototypes

You'll probably want to create some sort of working prototype when creating rubber parts. You have to see what's possible from a design standpoint after all. Compression molding is a superior form of molding for creating prototypes that you can test and continue to refine with a rubber parts manufacturer as time goes on.

Compression molding doesn't involve a lot of tooling, so you can quickly make rubber prototypes and begin assessing them in meaningful ways. You won't have to spend a lot of money to make these prototypes too because of the simplicity of this molding process. 

If you're producing some sort of rubber parts, you'll want to choose a molding process that a custom rubber parts manufacturer can provide. Looking at all of the available options, compression molding is one of the simplest forms and thus is ideal if you want to keep molding from having delays and other issues. For more information, contact custom rubber parts manufacturing companies.