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3 Benefits Of Using Air Tools

by Luke Lawson

If you currently use electric tools on your jobs, then you should consider investing in air-powered tools. These tools get their power from a separate air compressor. They have some advantages over electric products. What are they?

1. Lighter Weight

Some tools are heavy to hold, especially if you use them on longer jobs or over long periods of time. This weight can put stress on a tool's operator. They'll get tired faster, won't be able to work on a continuous basis, and might produce lower-quality work towards the end of their shift.

Air tools are typically lighter. They don't contain a motor or as many parts as electric tools. They draw their power from a stand-alone compressor.

So, your workers may find these tools more comfortable to use. They can use them for longer periods without getting tired. The quality of their work and their output will be higher.

2. Longer Life

Your current electric tools might need maintenance and repair work on a fairly frequent basis once you've used them for a while. You might have to replace some tools more often than you'd like.

These tools contain many different parts, including a motor. They can overheat or short-circuit, especially if you use them for prolonged periods or on heavy jobs. If a tool has these problems regularly, then it is more likely to suffer from internal damage that might lead to a repair or a replacement.

Air tools don't have as many internal mechanical or moving parts. Their air compressor deals with their power supply, so they don't have a motor that might overheat. They are less likely to short-circuit. These tools may need very little maintenance and fewer repairs. 

3. Lower Overall Costs

If you only buy electric tools, then your equipment costs could be high. These tools can be expensive. They increase your power costs. Plus, repairs and replacements add to your budget.

An air tool system can be more cost-effective. You do have to invest in an air compressor; however, after that, you should see some savings.

For example, each individual tool will be typically cheaper than an electric equivalent. You also don't have the same electric consumption costs. Plus, if your air tools need fewer repairs and last longer, then your investment is more value for your money.

To find out more, contact an equipment supplier near you and ask about air tools.