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4 Important Factors That Affect Crane Rental Cost

by Luke Lawson

In construction, you probably depend on cranes to lift or haul heavy equipment and loads around the worksite. When evaluating whether to purchase or rent a crane, the latter often becomes the most viable choice. You can save a lot of money by avoiding high upfront costs, storage, logistics expenses, and repair costs. But how much would a crane rental cost? The following are some factors that affect the cost of crane rentals.


When renting a crane, the rental company will ask about its delivery to your work site. If the distance from the storage location to your worksite is long, you should expect a significantly high rental fee. Short distances from the depot to the destination typically require small rental fees. If you want to save some money, consider looking for rental companies within your neighborhood. You will save on logistics fees that reflect on the rental costs.

Level of Technology

Modern cranes have added technological features that make operations easy, fun, and fast. One of the biggest benefits of renting equipment is that you can enjoy modern marvels without breaking the bank. While you can choose older models, it is essential to note that the higher the technological advancements in a crane, the more money you might need to pay. Older models are usually fairly inexpensive to rent but might not be very efficient.

Rental Period

When renting a crane, the company provides a contract stating how long you prefer to use the equipment. The duration of time required for the crane will affect the cost of renting the equipment. If you plan to rent the equipment longer, you will certainly pay more. Besides, renting a crane for a long period may increase additional costs like insurance, storage fees, and operator expenses. Consider factoring in all these long-term expenses before sealing the rental deal.

Type and Size of Equipment

Before settling on a particular crane, you might want to ask yourself if the size and configuration of the equipment suit your project. Consider consulting with an expert to help you determine the right equipment for your project.

Bigger construction budgets demand bigger cranes with considerable lift and weight configurations. A big crane will be more expensive to rent than a smaller version. If you have difficulty determining what to select, consider consulting with an expert to make a sound decision.

When renting a crane, consider factoring in the points above to adjust your budget. While renting varies depending on your needs, the option is more economical than purchasing. Contact a local crane service to start exploring the available cranes for different projects.