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3 Essential Factors To Consider When Picking A Sand Blasting Room

by Luke Lawson

Sandblasting rooms come with different specifications based on a user's preferences. Thus, choosing a sandblasting room for your operation requires some due diligence. When choosing a sand blasting room, there are several factors you should consider. Most factors revolve around your needs and the specifications of the blasting room.

Thus, if you plan to invest in a sandblasting room, here are four factors you need to consider. 

1. Size of the Blasting Room

If the items you work on tend to be tall, it is advisable to pick a sandblasting room with extra height. Else you will also be blasting the light fixture on the roof of the blasting enclosure. 

You should also consider the floor space. In some instances, you will need to blast large items, whereby you will enlist the aid of an extra operator. Thus, consider the size of the items you blast when deciding on the ideal floor space. But also factor in extra space for you and your aid to move around the enclosure. 

2. Blast Pot Specifications 

The blast pot is the pressurized container that holds the abrasive material. The blast pot uses pressurized air to blast the abrasive material through a hose and out a nozzle at the end of the hose. Nonetheless, there are different types of blast pots available in the market. Hence, consider the following factors when picking a blast pot for your sandblasting room. 

Blast Pot Capacity 

Most blast pots have a capacity of 3 to 6 cubic feet. The capacity of a blast pot determines how frequently you need to refill it with abrasive material. Hence, the larger the blasting pot, the longer you can blast without reloading it. 


When choosing a blasting pot, you can pick a mountable or portable blasting pot. A mountable blasting pot comes with a skid or mounts that enable you to attach it to a wall in the blasting room. But portable blasting pots have wheels mounted to the pot's base for portability. 

However, you should note that portable blasting pots are more expensive than mountable ones. 

3. Dust Abatement and Media Reclamation Systems

A dust abatement system includes fans and filters that remove dust from the sandblasting room as you work. Due to the amount of dust created in the blasting process, it often becomes difficult to see while inside the sandblasting room. As a result, adding a dust abatement system in the sandblasting room is advisable for better visibility as you work. 

A media reclamation system collects the spent abrasive media so you can reuse it later. Thus, with a media reclamation system, you can cut operational costs by reusing the collected abrasive media instead of buying a fresh batch every time you blast.