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  • Protect Your Products: 3 Reasons To Opt For An Aluminum Seal When Dealing With Pharmaceuticals

    30 April 2015

    Induction lining relies on an aluminum seal. Several aluminum foil layer liners, along with other liners, are inserted over the opening of a bottle, and is passed through an induction coil that emits an oscillating electromagnetic field, and heats up due to Eddy currents. The heat does not harm the pharmaceuticals contained within the bottle, and helps to create an airtight bond with the aluminum seal. The entire process can be completed with a handheld unit or with a conveyer system.

  • Planning Your Remodeling Project: Three Steps To Keep Little Things From Becoming Big Difficulties

    29 April 2015

    Remodeling your home can be a long, expensive process, but getting to live in a beautiful and safe home makes it worth it. However, no remodeling job can be successful without careful preparation beforehand. If you're hoping to significantly change your home in the near future, taking these preliminary steps can help keep you from facing serious challenges later on. Find Out About Permits Most of the time if you're doing a big remodeling project, you should let the contractor handle getting the permit before you get started.